What’s the Healthiest Bubble Tea?

What’s the Healthiest Bubble Tea?

Do you want to drink bubble tea but are afraid of all the rumours you’re hearing? You may have heard that bubble tea wasn’t healthy because of the sugar, the tapioca, or the amount of calories it has. But don’t let this stop you from drinking bubble tea because there are ways to counteract the unhealthiness! Keep reading this blog to find out how!


1. Sugar

If you’re concerned about all the sugar in bubble tea, you can always ask to reduce the sugar levels. In fact, most boba stores may ask you to give them a sugar level as part of your order. You can give them a lower percentage and it’s a good tip for people who also wish for their bubble tea to be less sweet. 50%-75% sugar levels don’t completely subtract the sweetness of your bubble tea. It will still taste just as good! 

Another way to reduce your sugar intake is to just make your boba at home! Kits don’t come with sugar, allowing you to decide on your own choice of sweetener. For people who don’t like to speak to cashiers, you can avoid requesting lower sugar levels by just doing it yourself at home! You can find a healthier alternative like honey to make sure your bubble tea is still to your liking without risking the unknown levels of sugar a store might put in. 


2. Tapioca

Like most indulgences, tapioca should be enjoyed in moderation. But that doesn’t mean you need to cut it out completely! Just ask for less or omit it completely once in a while if you want to go down a healthier route. You can do this by yourself at home too and again, you get to avoid making requests at the cashier if that makes you nervous. It also allows your bag of tapioca pearls to last a lot longer than the estimated serving size! 


3. Calories

Tea and milk alone have many health benefits so this isn’t exactly an area of concern. The extra calories that aren’t good for you as they add up come from the toppings or the creamer/milk that vendors may add in order to make up for the sugar you’ve cut out. This is one of the downsides of cutting sugar. 

The best alternative and solution to unhealthy bubble tea is actually just making it at home by yourself. Like all homemade things, it’s best to know exactly what is being put into your bubble tea. You get to measure your sweetener, milk, and toppings on your own while also being completely aware of the ingredients you are using. If you are planning on buying a kit, the ingredients will be posted in the online store for you to access at your convenience. 

Now that you know that there are ways to make bubble tea consumption healthier without cutting it out of your diet completely, don’t sweat it! Let yourself enjoy a cup once in a while!