6 Refreshing Bubble Tea Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat

6 Refreshing Bubble Tea Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat

When the summer heat is in full swing, nothing cools you down quite like a refreshing bubble tea from Retea. With a wide range of flavours and combinations, Retea Bubble Tea offers a delightful selection of summer drinks that will quench your thirst and leave you feeling rejuvenated. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to 6 of our most refreshing summer drinks, guaranteed to provide a burst of flavour and help you beat the heat. Get ready to indulge in these delightful beverages! Recipe links included!

1. Mango Green Tea with Lychee Jelly:
Combining the tropical goodness of ripe mangoes with the fragrant aroma of green tea, this drink is a summer sensation. The addition of chewy lychee jelly adds a delightful texture and bursts of sweet flavour. Sip on this refreshing beverage and let the combination of mango and green tea transport you to a tropical paradise. Recipe here!

2. Strawberry Yakult Milk Tea:
For a tangy and creamy delight, Retea's Strawberry Milk Tea with Yakult is a must-try. The combination of sweet, creamy strawberry milk tea with Yakult (or any yogurt drink) creates a refreshing and slightly tart flavour profile. It's a perfect blend to satisfy your summer cravings and keep you feeling cool and revitalized. Strawberry milk tea recipe here!

3. Matcha Strawberry Milk Tea:
Matcha lovers, rejoice! Retea presents a unique twist on the classic milk tea by infusing it with the earthy flavours of matcha and the sweetness of strawberries. The combination of the creamy milk tea and the vibrant matcha and strawberry flavours creates a delightful and energizing summer beverage that's sure to become a favourite. Add strawberry slices to brighten up the drink! Recipe here!

Matcha milk tea with strawberry slices 

4. Mango Milk Tea with Mango Chunks:
Indulge in the irresistible taste of fresh mangoes with Retea's Mango Milk Tea. This drink combines the creaminess of milk tea with the luscious sweetness of mangoes. Topped with juicy mango chunks, it provides a tropical explosion of flavours that will keep you refreshed and hydrated on even the hottest summer days. Recipe here

5. Passionfruit Green Tea with Pineapple Chunks:
For a tangy and tropical experience, try Retea's Passionfruit Green Tea with Pineapple Chunks. The combination of zesty passionfruit and the delicate bitterness of green tea creates a refreshing base, while the addition of pineapple chunks adds a burst of juicy sweetness. It's the perfect balance of flavors to keep you feeling invigorated throughout the summer. Recipe here

6. Taro Milk Tea:
Escape the summer heat with Retea's Taro Milk Tea. Made with taro root, this creamy and rich beverage offers a unique and comforting flavour. The velvety texture combined with the subtle sweetness of taro creates a truly satisfying and refreshing drink that will help you cool down and relax. Recipe here!

Taro milk tea and passionfruit green tea in reusable glass boba cups

When it comes to refreshing summer drinks, Retea Bubble Tea offers an exciting range of flavours and combinations to satisfy your cravings. From the tropical blend of Mango Green Tea with Lychee Jelly to the creamy and indulgent Taro Milk Tea, each drink is crafted to beat the heat and provide a burst of flavour. So, visit Retea Bubble Tea and treat yourself to one of these delightful beverages that will keep you cool and refreshed all summer long.