Two bubble teas in reusable cups. Taro milk tea and Milk Tea

What's the Best Bubble Tea?

If you’re someone who’s trying to jump onto the bubble tea trend but the options are just too vast, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will walk you through some of the most popular bubble teas that taste great and are our personal favourites. There’s definitely a bubble tea flavour out there for you! You might even find it in this article. So let’s jump right into Retea’s Top 7 Favourite Bubble Tea!


1. Brown Sugar Roasted Oolong Milk Tea 

If you’re a sweet tooth with a craving for a rich, roasted tea, this is the perfect drink for you. The blend of brown sugar with the floral and fragrant tea makes a strong and delicious combination that puts this bubble tea on our list. If you’re afraid of the “grassy” tastes that a bubble tea might have, these leaves actually have little to none of that. You can even adjust the sugar levels of the recipe, both in store and at home, if you don’t want too much sugar.

This iconic beverage is a must-try and can also be lactose-free despite popular belief. Especially if you make it yourself, this drink can be perfect for you


2. Taro Milk Tea

Subtly sweet and nutty, this purple drink is as delicious as it is pretty. There’s no tea in this one meaning it’s caffeine free! If you’re looking to avoid tea or coffee but want a creamy beverage that isn’t too sweet, this one’s the drink for you. The taste might remind some people of sweet potato but it’s a lighter bubble tea that doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed with flavour. In fact, you’re going to be craving more once you’ve tried it. 


3. Mango Milk Tea

If you’ve been waiting for a fruity, milk-based drink, here’s the one for you! Maybe you aren’t a fan of just milk and tea and you need that extra kick of a familiar taste. Mango milk tea is absolutely delicious and great for kids too. The tropical flavour is refreshing and an excellent “beginner” bubble tea if you’re trying to ease yourself into strong teas and milk blends. 


4. Thai Milk Tea

This one may require you to have a more adventurous palette but this spiced tea is sweet and floral and so, so delicious. It has a strong aroma and a rich creaminess from the condensed milk. This beverage is quite bold and has a nutty undertone similar to Taro Milk Tea. If you’re looking for an amazing, new, black tea based drink, Thai Milk Tea is the perfect choice.


5. Passion Fruit Green Tea

If you don’t like milk or creamy drinks but want to try bubble tea, Passion Fruit Green Tea might be the drink for you. The tropical punch that passionfruit holds combined with the herbal taste of Jasmine Green Tea makes it refreshing and fun! You can also never go wrong with tapioca pearls and lychee coconut jelly. 


6. Matcha Milk Tea

Matcha Milk Tea is a classic flavour that you may be familiar with in coffee shops in the form of lattes. The robust tea flavour that matcha offers is popular and isn’t too sweet if you prefer a milder sweetness. Good matcha is creamy and earthy and you can find it right in our store or at a boba shop near you!


7. Pearl Milk Tea

Finally, we’ve left the original bubble tea for last because it simply is the best. There are so many ways you can modify this drink to your preferences; you can choose your tea and toppings to fit your mood. You really can’t go wrong with this well-balanced beverage with its adjustable sugar levels and milk alternatives.  

Did you find your new favourite bubble tea flavour? If not, head to our website to see what else is available to you! There is always boba for everyone :)