Bubble Tea Is Even Better at Home: Everything You Need to Know About Bubble Tea Kits

Bubble Tea Is Even Better at Home: Everything You Need to Know About Bubble Tea Kits

These days, getting bubble tea delivered to you is expensive and going out just to buy the beverage is time consuming. Not to mention the fact that bubble tea comes in an unsustainable plastic cup and uses a plastic straw. A bubble tea kit can solve a lot of these problems! The purpose of this idea is to provide bubble tea enjoyers all the ingredients of their favourite drinks so that they can make it themselves in the comfort of their own home. 

What Comes In a Bubble Tea Kit?

Most bubble tea kits should come with tea, toppings, and other corresponding ingredients depending on the drink. For example, our Retea Brown Sugar Bubble Tea kit comes with your choice of toppings, brown sugar syrup, Assam tea, and a tea steeper ball. This means that all you’d need to provide yourself is a cup, utensils, milk, and hot water! Cups and utensils will be discussed in a moment!


Bag of tea, brown sugar, tapioca, a cup, and a straw in a box comprising a bubble tea kit

Bubble tea kits may seem daunting at first with the wide variety that have come out in recent years. When choosing one that’s right for you, take into account the pricing and prep time. Although higher price tags are generally something to avoid if there are cheaper options, the shorter prep time and better flavour make those few extra bucks worth it. In the long run, it’s still cheaper than buying every cup you drink from a shop. 

Even if some brands don’t include cups, straws, or other accessories in the kit, they will most likely sell them in the store. The necessary utensils for bubble tea making are the cup, straws wide enough to drink toppings from, and a stirring spoon. You also need quite a bit of ice so fill your ice trays beforehand! Make sure you have all the items needed at home and in your bubble tea kit before you start your at-home tearista career. 

A bag of metal bubble tea straws, multicoloured, and a phone


As we said before, boba shop bubble tea prices are on the rise. Here in the GTA, a cup of bubble tea could go for $7-$8 at the major chains. Buying a kit normally ranges from $30-$40 for 8-10 servings, making it a much more affordable option if you are an avid boba drinker. Another benefit to bubble tea kits is that you can customize your drink however you like without having to tell the tearista all your special requests. Put as much sweetener, ice, and toppings as you’d like! 

All in the comfort of your own home, a bubble tea kit can do wonders for your enjoyment of the beverage by taking out the hassle and added costs of going out to buy it!