Retea is sustainable bubble tea kit company on a mission to provide affordable ways to make and drink bubble tea—without compromising on quality and authenticity.  


1. LOW ACCESSIBILITY - before Retea existed, you could only get bubble tea from a bubble tea shop. Bubble tea ingredients are also not easily accessible.

2. EXPENSIVE habit - bubble tea can be a premiumly priced beverage at ~$8-10 per cup!

3. LIMITED SUSTAINABLE OPTIONS to consume bubble tea - plastic waste from bubble tea is an alarming problem. In fact, 110+ MILLION single-use plastic cups/straws/lids are thrown away in Canada every year! 


1. MAKE BUBBLE TEA IN 5 MINUTES - easily make & drink your favourite bubble tea flavours in the comfort of your own home with our DIY bubble tea kits.

2. SAVE $$ PER CUP - on average, each Retea bubble tea serving is 1/2 the cost than a bubble tea shop!

3. REDUCE YOUR WASTE - reduce your carbon/plastic footprint with our reusable bubble tea cups and accessories! 

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Meet The Founder

Toby Zhou

Hello, nice to meet you! Thank you so much for checking out our website and for making the conscious decision to support my small business. Some facts about me:

I am a recent graduate from UoGuelph and the founder of Retea! I started this business in my second year of university back in the summer of 2019 when I made it my goal to reduce my single-use plastics consumption. 

After not finding many sustainable alternatives to drinking bubble tea online and in-stores, I was set on figuring out a solution. This ended up being a DIY version of a reusable bubble tea cup aka the first Retea cup! 

But it didn't stop there. In the summer of 2020 during a pandemic, we listened to your problems and launched DIY bubble tea kits. We wanted to provide you with affordable and authentic bubble tea in the comfort of your own home. With the support from friends and family, we were able to build the brand you see today!