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Make bubble tea in the comfort of your own home in 5 minutes!

DIY Bubble Tea Kit + Reusable Cup

DIY Bubble Tea Kits

Reusable Bubble Tea Cups

Premium & Authentic

We use only the best ingredients for our bubble tea kits.

Get the same tastes as you would from the big chains—without sacrificing the environment and costs.

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Find the perfect gift for a bubble tea lover with our recommended products!

Retea eGift Card

Retea eGift Card

From $15.88 USD

Retea Cup | Reusable Bubble Tea Cup

Retea Cup | Reusable Bubble Tea Cup

From $16.00 USD

Customized Retea Cup | Reusable Bubble Tea Cup

Customized Retea Cup | Reusable Bubble Tea Cup

From $20.00 USD

Best Sellers Starter Boba Kit

Best Sellers Starter Boba Kit

From $40.00 USD

A present that's so great, they definitely won’t get re-gifted!

It was by far, the most well received merchant segment we've ever done! It honestly could not have been more perfect.

Absolutely delicious, tastes just the same as the tea I get from the boba shop!

Quick FAQs

All expiration dates are marked on each product.

Our bubble tea ingredients are shelf stable, we recommend consuming within 3 months of purchasing.

It depends on where you are. Order processing times are 2-4 business days & will take an additional 2-5 business days to arrive.

We currently ship all products Canada & USA wide! Due to food safety laws, we only ship our reusable cups & accessories internationally via our Etsy Shop.

All our products are naturally gluten-free!

All fruit tea kits are vegan and select milk tea flavours have oat milk alternatives.

Products are nut-free but are packed in a facility that MAY handle nuts & other allergens.

Please contact us for more details.

Please give us a message if you are interested in purchasing wholesale or corporate events!


Premium & Authentic Ingredients

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