Our Commitment To Sustainability:

Retea Products

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Reusable Tumblers
Say goodbye to disposable plastics with a Retea cup—an all-in-one reusable glass tumbler. Perfect for bubble tea, coffee, smoothies, and more!

DIY Bubble Tea Kits
Each kit has 5 servings. That means 5 disposable cups YOU are preventing from entering our landfills.

1 order = 1lb trash removed
Every order and product YOU purchase will contribute to removing trash from our rivers and oceans via TeamSeas.

Our commitment to sustainability— Continued.

Working With Local Businesses
We believe in supporting and sourcing locally when we can. Our loose leaf teas, bubble tea supplies, and our glass packaging are sourced right here in Toronto! Localizing our supply chain means reducing shipping, storage, emissions and energy usage. 

Eco-friendly Packaging
We're proud to say that we ship your orders with 100% recyclable packing materials! Say goodbye to plastic tape and styrofoam and hello to recyclable boxes, cushioning, and kraft tape. We are also working towards fully recyclable options for select products such as our stand up pouches!

Shipping Carbon Neutral
It's no secret that shipping products increase our carbon footprint. At Retea, we offset the carbon emissions for every order on your behalf by making donations to maintain the Tri-City Forest! This forest captures 100,000 metric tons of carbon each year and protects 6,500 acres of forest. 

Reducing and Reusing 
The most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place! On the backend, we always request our manufacturers to make our products with less plastic packaging and reuse packing materials when possible. On the front end, we use minimal packaging as well as offering imperfect items at a discounted price instead of letting that product go to waste.