Is There Bubble Tea Without Caffeine?

Is There Bubble Tea Without Caffeine?

Bubble tea is typically made using teas such as black teas and green teas. This means they contain caffeine which children and expecting mothers should be avoiding. Some may rather just stay away from caffeine. But the irresistibility of bubble tea is too much and one may find themselves asking, “Is there bubble tea without caffeine?” 

Luckily, the answer is yes! Especially with the enormous variety of bubble tea flavours, there are many different caffeine-free options that you can choose from that still have the delicious elements that make up bubble tea. Keep reading to find out what you can try!

Fruit Milk Tea

Although it’s in the name, most Fruit Milk Teas don’t have tea in them because they are normally powder based. These creamy fruit milk teas are a great part of the bubble tea menu if you’re looking for something caffeine-free! These are especially good for children because they’re the right sweetness and can have a similar taste to candy; the perfect after-school drink! Of course, if you aren’t making this at home with a caffeine-free kit like Retea’s, it’s best to confirm with the tea-rista making your drink. 


Taro Milk Tea

Subtly sweet and nutty, this purple drink is as delicious as it is pretty. There’s no tea in this one meaning it’s caffeine free! If fruit tea isn’t for you and you’re trying to avoid tea and coffee, this bubble tea is for you! It doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed with flavour as it’s one of the lighter tasting bubble teas. It’s also so easy and quick to make on your own at home with one of our Retea Taro Milk Tea kits!

Fruit Bubble Tea

This drink is not normally caffeine free since it is made with green tea in stores, but if you’re thinking of making bubble tea at home, this drink can easily be made caffeine-free! All you have to do is substitute the tea with water. It’s easy and still super refreshing and delicious. This is perfect if you want to delve into bubble tea but aren’t a fan of the earthiness of tea leaves.



Drinks That End With “Milk”

This one isn’t a specific drink but we’ll give you some examples. Some stores have drinks such as “Brown Sugar Milk” which completely omits tea from its recipe. It could be whole milk, almond milk, or oat milk. Regardless, these caffeine-free alternatives might be a good twist on some popular drinks on the menu that you should try. It’s safe to assume that anything that doesn’t have the word tea or latte in it should be clear of any caffeine, but again, it’s always best to ask your tea-rista first!