Milk Tea vs. Coffee. Which is Better?

Milk Tea vs. Coffee. Which is Better?

What’s your go-to beverage when you’re in need of a pick-me-up during the day? Is it a nice cup of coffee to wake you up or a delicious cup of bubble tea to refresh? Maybe you like the routine that the same cup of coffee gives you, but if you’re looking to change things up, bubble tea is actually a great way to start your day!

Coffee at a coffee shop

This is also a great way to start dabbling in drinking tea if that’s what you’re interested in. There are some people who want to try another way to stay caffeinated and awake during the day but can’t seem to enjoy the earthiness or herbal taste that some tea has.

When you make your own bubble tea, it’ll be just like making coffee. It’s super convenient too! Just start steeping your tea, either loose leaf in a steeper or a bag, and go get ready for your day! When you’re done, just come back to it to add your sweetener, creamer, milk, and anything else to make your bubble tea perfect for you. 

Pouring milk into a reusable boba cup of brown sugar milk tea

There are even easier ways to make bubble tea. Some Milk Tea Kits take you just 5 MINUTES to prepare. No steeping required. Some of these drinks include Taro Milk Tea and Matcha Milk Tea. These amazingly creamy drinks are excellent ways to stay awake throughout the day without crashing early and so easy to make. 

Bringing bubble tea to school or to the office is fun! It’s a nice break from routine if you need one and you can always change it up again when you feel like it!